Chicken Nuggets and Chips, or: Autism, Picky Eating, and Judgement

One of my favourite blogs to read is In The Loop About Neurodiversity. Soon after I discovered it I devoured every single post on there; it’s well-written, well-researched, and discusses great topics. One of the posts that resonated with me is about the diets of autistic people, and how those of us with limited dietsContinue reading “Chicken Nuggets and Chips, or: Autism, Picky Eating, and Judgement”

Socialising, spoons, and what I'm entitled to (aka: imposter syndrome)

Socialising exhausts me. It always has; when I was younger (as in, teenage years) I was able to push past it because of my desire to fit in and be seen as ‘normal’, but now that I’m in my twenties, I find it harder and harder to do so. It’s easiest for me to socialiseContinue reading “Socialising, spoons, and what I'm entitled to (aka: imposter syndrome)”

An incomplete list of stims, from yours truly

An incomplete list of stims, from yours truly: Sucking the inside of my arm (much to my mother’s chagrin, who demanded to know what the strange bruise-like marks were and was disturbed when I demonstrated how to make them) Playing with my hair Chewing and biting on things, particularly plastic things (this explains the randomContinue reading “An incomplete list of stims, from yours truly”

I would like to go home, thanks

Currently I’m staying at my best friend’s place in another state for New Year’s. They’re (they use they/them pronouns) having a big NYE party in their backyard, and considering we’ve been together for the past three new years, it was obvious that I was going to go to this one. I love this friend dearly—we’reContinue reading “I would like to go home, thanks”

Exhaustion and Christmas

Christmas has always been a somewhat tiring event (as it is for everyone I suspect, neurotypicals included!) for me even when I was a child. The mass of social interaction, first my mother’s family and then my father’s, seeing up to thirty or forty people across the span of two days—answering the same questions overContinue reading “Exhaustion and Christmas”

Revelations over burgers, or: goddamn it, sis, why did you wait 'til I was 21 to tell me this?

“I’ve been trying to get my head around what the fuck is happening“ WTF? – OK Go You know those totally cliche movie moments that never happen in real life? The reveal of something horrible/life-shattering/amazing to our plucky protagonist by a friend or confidante; the intense zoom of the camera into their pupil as we’reContinue reading “Revelations over burgers, or: goddamn it, sis, why did you wait 'til I was 21 to tell me this?”

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